The Ridiculous Idea
It assumes the quixotic adventure of betting on real encounters in virtual times;
To generate a calm and slow experience in moments of vertigo;
To value textures, canvas, acrylics, pencil, against the advance of the screen;
To have deep and transcendent conversations, against the urgency of everyday life.

We have The Ridiculous Idea
Of meeting everything that once made us feel good and paying tribute to it.


The construction of the gallery was based on the shape of an octagon, which symbolizes the intermediate figure between the square (earthly order) and the circle (celestial order).

It symbolizes the transition between heaven and earth, and when written horizontally, represents infinity.

In many cultures, 8 is considered the bond that connects our world with a better, larger, and more developed one.
The octagonal star and the octahedron shape symbolize the union of these two world